Excellence in Journalism 2014 | Nashville, Tenn.

‘Upping Your Game In Sports’ Workshop


Among the many aspiring reporters at Excellence in Journalism 2013, about half appear to want to pursue sports broadcasting careers.

Marc Zumoff, the television voice of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Max Negin, assistant professor at Elon University in North Carolina, led a workshop about breaking into the sports world Monday.

Co-authors of the book, “Total Sportscasting: Performance, Production and Career Development,” they discussed about how to rise above the competition.

Zumoff and Negin emphasized that students looking for a sports position need to acknowledge their fear of not being hired. “It’s okay to be afraid,” Zumoff said.

They also gave helpful tips on broadcast writing such as concentrating on people instead of facts, and putting in a period when you feel a comma coming.

Zumoff stated the most important aspect of searching for a position besides networking is to believe in yourself when faced with rejection.

“You don’t deal with rejection,” Zumoff said, “You embrace it.”