Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim


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Q&A: Data Journalism For Newbies

Pam Baker is a freelance journalist on the big data beat. She contributes to PC Magazine and a variety of tech media outlets. Her session at EIJ 2017 focused on rapid response protocol in news rooms when dealing with continuously flowing data to find relevant background and contextual information. Baker shared her knowledge for aspiring data journalists looking to get into the field.

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Pressing Issues: Reporting On A Changing Climate

Podcast: Reporting on climate is just as much of an art as it is a science. Telling the human side of climate change and keeping track of the facts go hand in hand.

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Closing the leadership gap: panelists discuss how to be self-advocates

A panel of authors and journalists share experiences in gender inequality in the newsroom, as well as how to overcome implicit bias.

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Pressing Issues: Understanding Native Truths

Podcast: For this episode of Pressing Issues -- avoiding the inaccurate representation of Native American and Alaskan communities throughout history and in the present day with Crystal Echohawk -- CEO of EchoHawk Consulting.

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SPJ committee to present resolutions at business meeting for debate

At the final SPJ business meeting this week, the Resolutions Committee will present at least two issues to spark debate among delegates.

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Pressing Issues: What Makes A Great Podcast?

Podcast: For this episode of Pressing Issues - a conversation with NPR's Felix Contreras, host of Alt.Latino.

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SPJ elects a new president

“…As an officer of the Society, I hereby promise to uphold its ideals. I pledge myself to do all in my power, to perform faithfully the duties assigned to me, and to serve fellow journalists, whether of the Society or not. And so endeavor to enrich the profession with the ideals of the Society of Professional Journalists. This I promise and pleasure myself to perform.”

And with those words, Lynn Walsh of Columbus, Ohio, was crowned the new president of the Society of Professional Journalists. Continue reading

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SPJ appoints new board members

The Society of Professional Journalists ushered in a new year of leaders for the 2016-17 year at the end of the 2016 national Excellence in Journalism conference in New Orleans.

All SPJ members were allowed to vote on the six open positions. While several roles, including the new at-large director and campus adviser at-large, included multiple candidates, both the positions of president-elect and secretary-treasurer ran unchallenged.

According to the SPJ board, the year brought a record turnout, with 1,016 votes — roughly 16 percent of all SPJ members. Continue reading

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Charlie Rose Speaks to EIJ News

Charlie Rose, co-host of “CBS This Morning” and host of PBS’ “Charlie Rose,” spent some time talking to EIJ News last night at his award reception. He is the 2016 recipient of RTDNA’s prestigious Paul White Award at this year’s EIJ Conference in New Orleans.

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Marty Baron speaks to EIJ News


“Well, I hope that people will indulge their curiosity…they will dig beneath the surface, that they’ll ask tougher questions sometimes.”

All eyes, ears and iPhones were on Marty Baron as he spoke about the film ‘Spotlight’ and the future of investigative journalism, at the Excellence In Journalism Convention in New Orleans on Sunday.

Fourteen years ago, while he was editor of the Boston Globe, Baron and his news team reported extensively about Catholic priests sexually abusing children, and the powerful church that protected them. Continue reading

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Building from debris: ABCs of podcasting from New Orleans

It had been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina made landfall, increasing in danger and wind speed like an imposing turbine in the skies, and flooding New Orleans. An estimated 1,835 people died, about 300,000 homes were destroyed and the damage reached over $96 billion in estimated costs. In 2015, when the historic 10-year anniversary approached, Eve Troah, the news director for the New Orleans NPR affiliate WWNO, decided it was time for a podcast to reflect on how the catastrophe had changed and shaped her community.

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Reporters from abroad find value in returning home for training

Many attendees of this year’s Excellence in Journalism conference arrived via relatively short trips to Orlando. However for some like Alfredo Corchado, who works in Mexico City for the Dallas Morning News, the commute involved international time zones and lasted much longer. Continue reading

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Breakdown of EIJ15 attendees

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SPJ President’s Installation Banquet Photos

The Society of Professional Journalists President’s Installation Banquet rounded out the 2014 Excellence in Journalism Conference on Saturday evening. Members, volunteers and staff gathered to celebrate the end of the conference and honor members and journalists for their efforts within SPJ and the media industry.

Alex Tarquinio of the New York Deadline Club accepting the Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Member Award.

Michele Norris of NPR was recognized as a Fellow of the Society.

Kevin Smith, ethics committee chairman, receiving the Wells Memorial Key for Outstanding Service to the Society. Continue reading

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The Experts Break Down New Media Entrepreneurship

[View the story “The New Media Entrepreneur ” on Storify] Continue reading

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The SPJ Name Change: What People Think About the Upcoming Vote

The upcoming SPJ name change discussion is slated for discussion Saturday during Excellence in Journalism 2014.  However many attendees aren’t waiting until the weekend to share their views.

While the proposal to change from “The Society of Professional Journalists” to “The Society for Professional Journalism” may seem like a minor issue, it’s actually created a bit of a stir among organization leadership and members. Please check out this exclusive video on the various thoughts and opinions on the topic.

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EIJ14 Remembers John Seigenthaler

The coincidence that the 2014 Excellence in Journalism Convention in Nashville convened shortly after the death of John Seigenthaler, the Nashville-born publisher of the Tennessean, administrative assistant to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and lifelong defender of the First Amendment is, well, uncanny.

Or maybe it’s just serendipitous, said Freedom Sings’ frontwoman Jonell Mosser, a singer in a band formed to educate young audiences about the importance of the First Amendment.

“It’s exactly the right thing,” said Mosser.

The convention officially began with a memorial held for Seigenthaler, who died in July at the age of 86. Continue reading

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Improving relations between reporters, PIOs

Journalists and public information officers converged at a panel Monday afternoon at EIJ13 to discuss relationships between the two professions.

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Chris Wallace honored at EIJ13 with Paul White award

Chris Wallace, the host of FoxNews Sunday, was honored at the Excellence in Journalism conference Sunday evening with the Paul White award, the highest honor for lifetime achievement from the Radio Television Digital News Association.

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Journalists Receive Insights on Complex Immigration Laws

With Congress debating immigration reform it’s important for journalists to understand the law as it currently stands and how reform can impact the communities and people they cover.

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Chris Wallace to receive Paul White Award

For the first time in RTDNA history, a father and son have been awarded the Paul White Award. Chris Wallace, anchor of “Fox News Sunday,” is set to receive the lifetime achievement award at EIJ13. In 1991, his late father, Mike Wallace, former co-host of CBS News “60 Minutes” received the same award.

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RTDNA/RTDNF honor Carole Simpson, Dan Shelley, and Noukla Ruble at EIJ13

The Radio Television Digital News Association and Foundation (RTDNA/RTDNF) presented three awards at Saturday’s EIJ13 opening business session.

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Personal finance journalists honored by RTDNA and the National Endowment for Financial Education

RTDNA and the National Endowment for Financial Education recognized three personal finance reporters Sunday morning at the Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting Awards session.

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Panel focuses on stress in the newsroom

Experiencing trauma while working is natural for journalists and should be addressed, not ignored, said panelists at a discussion on trauma at EIJ13 Sunday morning.

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Exhibitor swag at EIJ13

Photos by Moriah Costa.