Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim


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Former Sigma Delta Chi president receives SPJ’s highest honor

Sue Porter, vice president, programs at Scripps Howard Foundation, received the Society of Professional Journalists highest honor, the Wells Memorial Key award. She received the award during the Presidents Installation Gala.

The gala also serves as an awards ceremony for distinguished journalists, but the Wells Memorial Key is always given out last. Recipient names are kept secret until it’s time to present the pin, and Porter said she was surprised.

“It’s incredibly humbling to win an award like this, after you’ve sat through an evening like this,” Porter said. Continue reading

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Reporters from abroad find value in returning home for training

Many attendees of this year’s Excellence in Journalism conference arrived via relatively short trips to Orlando. However for some like Alfredo Corchado, who works in Mexico City for the Dallas Morning News, the commute involved international time zones and lasted much longer. Continue reading

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The future of journalism

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Storify: The art of storytelling: by Boyd Huppert

[View the story “The art of storytelling: by Boyd Huppert ” on Storify]

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EIJ conference app fuels competition, clashes

App scores as of 5 p.m. Sunday – seven hours before the competition’s end.

Holly Duchmann and Kailey Broussard are not only fellow student journalists at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, but even closer this weekend during Excellence in Journalism 2015 while rooming together in Orlando. However this weekend their friendship took a competitive turn.

An online competition integrated within the popular EIJ15 mobile app has seemingly formed rivalries and friendships among conference participants. The app awards points for things such as posting photos, checking in at events and participating in online surveys. Continue reading

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Drones for news slowly taking to the skies

Dave Sirak of the Cox Media Group’s drone committee leads a discussion Sunday on drone usage. Photo by Shelby Reynolds

Journalists are often looking for any advantage for discovering, gathering, and reporting news events reliably and quickly. Especially if that includes eyes in the sky.

However even after ongoing examination and exploration of proposed regulations for operating drones in the U.S., news organizations largely remain in a holding pattern for legally launching drones from station helicopter pads.

Current FAA laws require a sports pilot license or higher for drone operation and prohibit commercial-purpose use, said Dave Sirak, Cox Media Group Drone Committee. Continue reading

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9 tips for writing a killer headline

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To mock or not to mock (interview): 4 takeaways from EIJ critiques

Four students (including me) went through mock interviews in front of an audience at Michael Koretzky’s session, “Nervous as Hell: Mock (Or Maybe Real) Job Interviews for New Grads” on Saturday. Koretzky, an editor for Debt.com, grilled the students with questions, stopping them to offer constructive criticism when they stumbled.

Here are four takeaways from the critiques:

When your interviewer asks you to name some publications you read, don’t mention just one type, such as sports news. If your first publication is “Bleacher Report,” don’t say “ESPN Magazine” next. Continue reading

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Lesley Stahl and Pierre Thomas Q&A

The Radio and Television Digital News Association honored 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl and ABC News senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas Saturday night. Prior to the awards reception, Stahl and Thomas shared highlights of their careers with conference attendees, giving them personal insight into the field of broadcast journalism.

Stahl, who has more than 40 years experience as a television journalist, talked about her role at 60 Minutes and what goes into getting a story on the air.

Thomas began his career as a newspaper reporter in 1987 and transitioned into broadcast in 2000.  Continue reading

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Storify: #EIJ15 Day 2 Highlights from the EIJ News Staff

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15 amazing online tools

Al Tompkins is the senior faculty for broadcasting and online content at The Poynter Institute. He led a session Saturday morning showcasing 15 new online tools that have the ability to change the way a journalist presents a story. The following are the tools that he mentioned with a brief description:

snipandshare: Google Chrome released this extension this morning and it makes posting content such as GIFs, still images, video or words to social media much easier. It is free to sign up and easy to use. Continue reading

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What to do if you’re in the middle of an unruly protest

From the Occupy protests in 2011 to the recent Freddie Grey protests in Baltimore, journalists have been seeing more demonstrations across the country that have the potential to be violent.

In the Stay Safe and Savvy session on day two of the Excellence in Journalism conference, members of The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), law enforcement and media came together to discuss ways of preventing and diffusing confrontational situations.

One tip shared was that social media can serve as a valuable heads up if protest scenes threaten to turn violent. Continue reading

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Important lessons shared in wake of WDBJ shooting tragedy

It’s been three weeks since Vester Flanagan shot and killed two former WDBJ7 coworkers during a live broadcast in Franklin County, Virginia.

Hundreds of EIJ15 attendees gathered at the Orlando World Center Marriott Saturday for a panel discussion about the shooting’s effects on the journalism community. “I think what your ears heard and your eyes saw, your brain didn’t want to process,” Kelly Zuber, WDBJ news director, said to the audience.

Immediate effects fell on the WDBJ newsroom that day.

An employee  who was close friends and often played golf with cameraman and victim Adam Ward, was tasked with editing video footage that day, Zuber said. Continue reading

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Video Reel tips&tricks

Editing Video reel tips&tricks _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

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Storify: #EIJ15 One of today’s many workshops

[View the story “”Follow the Money” gave pointers on investigative journalism ” on Storify]

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Storify: #EIJ15 Day 1 Highlights from the EIJ News Staff

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Breakdown of EIJ15 attendees

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Storify: #EIJ15 on Sports beat reporting

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Storify: #EIJ15 on wild Florida airboat tour

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Storify: EIJ15 kicks off with Epcot Food and Wine Festival

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On eve of EIJ15, attendees share excitement for 2015 gathering

For only the second time, the Radio Television Digital News Association and Society of Professional Journalist join the NHAJ for a conference focus on training, development, networking and diversity.

More than 1,500 journalist and media professionals descend onto Orlando, Florida for Excellence in Journalism 2015, which officially kicked off Thursday night with a private event at Disney’s Epcot Center.

But reasons for coming to Orlando often varied between different generations, professional backgrounds and career aspirations.

“I’m expecting to learn more about journalism and perfecting my craft,” said Abby Payne, Editor-in-Chief at Weber State University’s The Signpost. Continue reading

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Eagerness, expectations for Excellence in Journalism 2015

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Exotic cuisine, fireworks help jumpstart Excellence in Journalism 2015

The liquid nitro chocolate-almond truffle with whiskey caramel stole the show Thursday night.

About 1,500 journalists from around the country were invited to a sneak peak of the 20th annual Food & Wine Festival at Disney World’s Epcot International park to kick off the Excellence in Journalism conference in Orlando. The festival showcased food and spirits from around the world, but the truffles seemed to gather the most attention.

“You know how on ‘Chopped,’ when the judges say it has the perfect texture, I now know what they mean,” said Kaitlin Dain of Lubbock, Texas. Continue reading

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Sights, sounds, tastes from Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Sliders, fireworks and more.

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Excellence in Journalism 2014 – That’s a Wrap

With Excellence in Journalism 2014 in the books, find out what attendees thought about the event and what they expect of next year’s conference in Orlando. Also check out noteworthy statistics from this year’s conference.

The 950 journalist who attended Excellence in Journalism 2014 were able to choose from more than 50 workshops and breakout sessions. The Super Sessions with Kara Swisher and Dick Ebersol attracted about 300 people each, while 40-50 attended most of the workshops on average.

CNN Newsource spoiled journalists with a big Opening Night Reception at the Wildhorse Saloon. Continue reading