Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim


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9 tips for writing a killer headline

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15 amazing online tools

Al Tompkins is the senior faculty for broadcasting and online content at The Poynter Institute. He led a session Saturday morning showcasing 15 new online tools that have the ability to change the way a journalist presents a story. The following are the tools that he mentioned with a brief description:

snipandshare: Google Chrome released this extension this morning and it makes posting content such as GIFs, still images, video or words to social media much easier. It is free to sign up and easy to use. Continue reading

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Video Reel tips&tricks

Editing Video reel tips&tricks _ Piktochart Infographic Editor

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Storify: #EIJ15 One of today’s many workshops

[View the story “”Follow the Money” gave pointers on investigative journalism ” on Storify]

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Storify: #EIJ15 on Sports beat reporting

[View the story “Sports beat writing is changing ” on Storify]

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Excellence in Journalism 2014 – That’s a Wrap

With Excellence in Journalism 2014 in the books, find out what attendees thought about the event and what they expect of next year’s conference in Orlando. Also check out noteworthy statistics from this year’s conference.

The 950 journalist who attended Excellence in Journalism 2014 were able to choose from more than 50 workshops and breakout sessions. The Super Sessions with Kara Swisher and Dick Ebersol attracted about 300 people each, while 40-50 attended most of the workshops on average.

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SPJ Election Results

Attendees and registered SPJ members were able to vote for the upcoming year’s directors and representatives since Thursday when the Excellence in Journalism conference began. And doing so in appropriate fashion for the digital age; for the first time members were able to cast their votes via an online voting system.

The position applications opened in the spring. Since then, candidates have campaigned for their hopeful spots in the society with live streamed candidate speeches and the creation of social media groups to raise awareness of their ambitions. Continue reading

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Panel Discussion on Media Entrepreneurship with Industry Heavyweights

In recent years, journalism has undergone a profound, all-encompassing change. Old hierarchy structures, job prospects, linear career steps and ways to make money have been disrupted by new jobs, new methods to self brand and new revenue streams.

One of the most important issues in this new era in journalism, which is something many journalists still dread, is how to monetize stories.

Kara Swisher, Brian Stelter and Etienne Uzac are no strangers to media entrepreneurship. Saturday morning, the three industry heavyweights discussed media entrepreneurship, new forms of storytelling and the future of journalism. Continue reading

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EIJ14 Day 2 in Tweets

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Getting Creative with Google Maps

Media Outreach Coordinator Vanessa Schneider led the breakout session “Storytelling with Google Maps.” The Googler said she enjoyed the conference. “Excellence in Journalism is a great opportunity to meet with journalists, see what challenges they have and how they want to use these geo-tools in their work.”

Vanessa Schneider’s job is to help people tell stories through Google mapping tools. Schneider showed some EIJ attendees the way to utilizing these tools, like Google Earth, Maps and Crisis Map during a panel. Continue reading

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Reporters Reflect on Lessons Learned in Ferguson

Photo by Julian Paredes

While the crisis in Ferguson raged on in front of camera crews for weeks on end, reporters on the ground saw a different reality.

They also saw that reality distorted – or participated in the distortion themselves – as Ferguson descended into a “war zone” in a matter of days. The protests and the violence were mostly limited to a three street block area and most of the incidents happened after nightfall, more specifically, after midnight.

Speakers at Friday morning’s Ferguson panel were on the scene as the police brutality and subsequent protests unfolded after a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, an unarmed black resident of St. Continue reading

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Google: Beyond the White Screen

Google Trends can compare different hot topics with a variety of search tools.

You may have heard the phrase, “Just Google it,” in your newsroom at one time or another when searching for additional background or double checking an image source.

Google Media outreach lead and speaker Nicholas Whitaker, gave an overall view Friday at Excellence in Journalism 2014 on how to go well beyond Google’s main search page. The company’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page once said of a perfect search engine to be a tool that “should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want.”

That’s when Advanced Google Search and Google Trends comes into play to support your search for specific items in an easier, more efficient way. Continue reading

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EIJ14 Day 1 in Tweets

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What do people expect of Excellence in Journalism 2014?

We went out to get a pulse of guests’ expectations for this year’s Excellence in Journalism Conference. Across the various professions, cultural groups, and regions, networking was the standout response of what members were looking forward to doing during this 4-day convention. Whether one is a digital news professor who wants to mentor aspiring young journalists or a student who is looking forward to professional exposure and learning, please check out what your fellow journos expect out of  this year’s conference! Continue reading