Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim


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How to Launch a Drone News Program

Drone operators, amateurs and news organizations are under stress to report news and exercise their first amendment rights while adhering to the law amid complaints from the public and police while covering disasters.

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Google Tools in the Newsroom

Google News Lab brings new meaning to the phrase “Just Google It.” The large tech organization is collaborating with journalists and multimedia storytellers to find innovative ways to make storytelling tools accessible for anyone. Tools covered during this session included Advanced Search, Image Search, Google Maps, My Maps, Google Street View, Google Translate and YouTube 360.

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How Wearable Tech Can Help Journalism

Penn State Instructor Pat Trosky testing Google Glass for the first time.

“OK, Glass.” It’s the phrase that you may be hearing a lot more of in the very near future, and it’s the phrase that’s influencing the next technological generation.

The “Google Glass and Wearables: What All Journalists and Newsrooms Should Know (And Test)” session took place Saturday morning, and presenters demonstrated the upcoming Google Glass device along with a few other gadgets.

“[Technology] gets smaller, faster, cheaper and more intimate with us,” Assistant Professor at USC Annenberg Robert Hernandez said. Continue reading

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Getting Creative with Google Maps

Media Outreach Coordinator Vanessa Schneider led the breakout session “Storytelling with Google Maps.” The Googler said she enjoyed the conference. “Excellence in Journalism is a great opportunity to meet with journalists, see what challenges they have and how they want to use these geo-tools in their work.”

Vanessa Schneider’s job is to help people tell stories through Google mapping tools. Schneider showed some EIJ attendees the way to utilizing these tools, like Google Earth, Maps and Crisis Map during a panel. Continue reading

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Google: Beyond the White Screen

Google Trends can compare different hot topics with a variety of search tools.

You may have heard the phrase, “Just Google it,” in your newsroom at one time or another when searching for additional background or double checking an image source.

Google Media outreach lead and speaker Nicholas Whitaker, gave an overall view Friday at Excellence in Journalism 2014 on how to go well beyond Google’s main search page. The company’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page once said of a perfect search engine to be a tool that “should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want.”

That’s when Advanced Google Search and Google Trends comes into play to support your search for specific items in an easier, more efficient way. Continue reading