Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim


September 8th, 2017 | #, #, #, #, #, #
Do’s and Don’ts for covering news in a dangerous situation

Whether you are covering a forest fire, a protest, a hurricane, or an earthquake, reporters can find themselves in dangerous situations. It’s a reality news crews, or journalists alone on assignment could face on assignment, and was the focus of a session Friday ““News Safety and Stress for Journalists: An Open Discussion” at the Excellence at Journalism Conference 2017 in Anaheim, California. 

September 19th, 2015 | #, #, #, #
‘Listen to it like you hate me’: audio editing advice from a radio professional

From free headshots to intensive workshops, journalists are offered an array of professional tune-ups all weekend long at EIJ 2015.

Looking to oil the gears in my multimedia storytelling, I spotted an audio and video critique salon stationed along the marbled corridor of the Marriott Hotel. I sat down, pulled up a chair along with my most recent freelance radio story, and allowed Charlie Meyerson, Vice President and News Chief of Rivet Radio, to tear it apart.

He heavily quoted “The Elements of Style” and critics like Lee Bey, known for handing over drafts and saying, “Read it like you hate me.”

“What a great gift it is for someone to offer you that forthright feedback,” Meyerson said. Continue reading