Excellence in Journalism 2017 | Anaheim

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Press freedom advocates encourage media professionals to support New Voices legislation

Student journalists are more vulnerable than ever before, and it's time for professional media to step in and help, student press freedom advocates said during their Excellence in Journalism session Friday afternoon. In an effort to give more authority to student media, the nationwide “New Voices” campaign is going state by state to help introduce anti-censorship legislation that will grant extra protections to student journalists. "One of the keys to having this legislation in place is that it's supporting students to get the kind of job training they need, but it also helps students learn how to evaluate and analyze media in a world full of untruths," said Sarah Nichols, president of the Journalism Education Association (JEA). "Students don’t get the experience they need if someone is telling them 'here’s what you can do,' 'here’s what you can’t do.'"

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First Time Conference Attendees Share Their Story

Wisconsin and Virginia are two states extremely far from Southern California, however, the distance didn't stop two first time conference attendees from coming to this years Excellence in Journalism Conference.